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Rose Gold Cat Stationery

July 23, 2017


Eiffel Tower Scissors being sold on Etsy by OlivaDesignCrafts


Rose gold cat stationery 

If you love rose gold and cat stationery items, then this article is for you!  Whether you're looking to improve your work space, fancy a new colour scheme or  you're just looking to buy yourself or someone a gift, my list of stationery items has got you covered. 


Cat mug

First things first, before you sit down at your work station, you must make yourself a good cuppa.  This gorgeous cat mug will help you start the day the right way! Biscuits are optional, but it would be rude not to... It is handmade and comes with a striped tail which reminds me of Cheshire the Cat from Alice in Wonderland. If you have a different design in mind or fancy a different colour, you have the option to choose a custom made order.  


Cat mug is being sold on Etsy by Barruntando.

Personalised coaster

You must of course get a coaster for your pretty cat mug otherwise you'll ruin your desk and leave nasty water marks that are a nightmare to get rid of.  I ordered myself personalised marble effect coasters and I absolutely love them! They go really well with my rose gold, white and light pink colour scheme. You can choose any word you like. 


Marble effect personalised coasters are being sold on Etsy by SheldynHollyCreative

Rose gold tape dispenser

One of my favourite stationery items is this rose gold tape dispenser.  I stumbled across it whilst searching for rose gold items and I instantly fell in love with it! It does not come with a tape so you'd have to buy that separately.  I felt I needed a cat tape in my life so I went ahead and bought one - I've listed the cat tape below just incase your cat obsession level is as high as mine!  



Rose gold tape dispenser being sold on Etsy by PROPSforBLOGGERS 


Cat tape available on Etsy

Cat Notepad

With so many things to remember, a cat notepad is a must.  I have listed a couple of cat notebooks which I think are a great addition to your cat stationery collection, some of which you can also personalise!  Both of the cat notebooks below are currently being sold on Etsy, the links to the products are listed below.


Pink Cat notebook being sold on Etsy by DesignedU


White cat notebook being sold on Etsy by OliviaMorganLtd

Marble Pencil Holder

Having a tidy desk helps you feel more organised, efficient and you can also find the items that you're looking for with ease.  These beautifully painted marble mason jars will make your desk look stylish,  can hold a large number of pens and come in various colours, styles and sizes.   I personally went for the marble look as pictured below, you do have the option to choose different colour lids to suit your taste!  The smaller marble mason jars are perfect for pens and pencils, whilst the larger mason jars are great for holding flowers, which you can display on your desk.  


 Marble mason jars being sold on Etsy by PinaColadaCrafts 

Flamingo stationery 

Where do you keep your paper pins and clips? These flamingo stationery jars are the perfect size to hold all the small stationery items, such as papers clips, board pins and staples.  A great addition to your rose gold stationery collection. 


Flamingo stationery jars being sold on Etsy by PinaColadaCrafts

Rose gold pens

If you would like to complete your rose gold stationery collection, then you must include these gorgeous diamond pens. These pens make your desk look very chic and sophisticated and are a firm favourite with many bloggers.


Diamonds pens being sold on Etsy by OlivaDesignCrafts



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