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Feliway Plug In - Prepare your new home for your cat

June 4, 2016

Cats love their home comforts and moving house can be a very stressful experience for them.  Cats like to mark their territories by secreting pheromones from their face onto furniture and objects around the house.

They even secrete these hormones when they rub against you. This behaviour makes cats feel safe, secure and relax in your home.  


Introducing Feliway Plug in

Feliway plug in mimics cats' pheromones hormones, which means that the scent that they usually leave behind can already be smelt by your cat in their new home, this helps your cat feel calm and less stressed.  The Feliway plug in is the perfect solution for when you're moving house, planning noisy house works, introducing a new pet or for when you have people visiting your home.  


Feliway plug in for when you're moving house

When moving to a new home, your cat's familiar territorial marks are no longer there. Cats can become disorientated and begin to show signs of stress.  The symptoms include:


- loss of appetite

- hiding

- scratching

- spraying

- excessive grooming

- excessive meowing

- less interaction

- aggression towards you or other pets

- not using the litter box properly


You can prepare your new home for your cat by switching the Feliway plug in 24 hours before your cat moves in. Cats become very stressed when they are in a completely new place as they have to deal with new surroundings, sounds, scents and different people (this could be your new handyman!). 


Other tips on how to prepare your new home for your cat 

Choose a particular room and make this temporarily their own by placing your cat's toys, bed, food and scratching post.  You could also place one of your jumpers in their room as familiar scents will help your cat to relax. 


Once your cat feels safe and secure in its room, start introducing the rest of the house slowly.  If you have an outdoor cat, it is important to allow him/her to get used to the house before introducing them to outside world again.  Leave your cat indoors for at least two weeks. 




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