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Why Does my Cat Lick me?

April 2, 2017

Having daily scrubs was never really on my agenda.  I tend to get my face, hand and feet scrubbed daily by my two cats!  If you're reading this post then you know how rough a cat's tongue feels but you may also wonder why your cat licks you so much. 


Why does my cat lick me?

This is a very common question that many pet owners ask.  Cats lick humans for a number of reasons:


1. Cats lick to show affection

2. Your cat may have been taken away from its mother too early

3. Cats lick when they’re feeling anxious, stressed or when they're not feeling too well



Cats lick their owners to show affection and to strengthen social bonds. If your cat is licking you, it means that your cat is comfortable and is their way of showing their love for you.  Cats also love to leave their scent on things or on their owners to mark their territory, they do this by brushing against you or by licking you.   



If your cat shows signs of excessive licking, then your cat might have been weaned too early when it was a kitten.  Your cat might also knead and purr at the same time and some cats even like to suckle on earlobes.  Although some people think this is cute, this action simply means that your cat did not spend enough time with their mother.  Mother cats love to lick and groom their kittens, licking brings comfort and is a sign of affection.  Cats lick their owners because it brings them comfort.




If your cat is anxious or stressed they might start licking you or grooming themselves a little too much which sometimes can even lead to bald patches.  If you notice hair thinning, speak with your vet as this could be a health condition.  


If you think your cat is feeling anxious or stressed, give your cat plenty of attention and petting. Try and figure out what's making them anxious and have your Feliway plug in ready and available for your cats. Feliway plug in mimics your cat's pheromones, this helps your cat feel relaxed, safe and secure in their home.


Here are a few reasons why your cat might be feeling stressed:

1. Introducing a new pet

2. Having more people than usual in your home 

3. Loud house work

4. Moving house


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