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Outdoor Litter Box and Cat Enclosures

April 2, 2017

Pet Nanny Care

Isn't it lovely to have your house smelling wonderful, fresh and clean?  That's until your cat poops!  As soon as they smell fresh litter being laid or the smell of a clean house they award you with a very smelly poop! 


My handmade outdoor litter box and cat enclosure

I'm not going to lie but my two cats used to stink the whole house out after pooping, so after looking at various different types of cat runs and cat enclosures I decided to design and build my own outdoor litter box area. 


Over the past few years, I managed to collate quite a collection of different types of cat runs and cat enclosures.  Head to my Pinterest board if you're looking for inspiration and ideas for your own cat run or outdoor litter box area.


I love having the litter box outside the house and I thoroughly recommend it!  I don't have to deal with any nasty smells in the house and having to cover it with sprays which sometimes makes it worse. The cats also don't need to deal with their own poo smells, although they still go crazy and run around the house after they've done their business.  


Handmade outdoor litter box area / cat enclosure 

Here's the truth... I didn't build the cat enclosure myself but my very talented handyman did. I requested a door so I can clean the litter and be able to wash the floor.  You will also need to install a suitable roof, mesh and a catflap.


The mesh needs to be of good quality such as chicken wire, otherwise if you use cheap material your cats might find a way to get out or other cats or foxes being able to get in. 


For the cat flap I bought the Pet Safe Cat Flap,  it's one of the cheapest cat flaps that you can buy, it's durable and it works really well.  Please note that it doesn't register microchips.  I have added some links below. 


May you enjoy more fresh smells in your home! 





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