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Toothpaste for Cats and Dogs

April 1, 2017

There's a phrase that I’d love to share with the world when I kiss my two cats on their face, and it goes a little something like this ''You stink of little fishies but I love it!''  Only a dog or cat owner will understand the love for these weird smells! (Or am I the only one?)


Well, these smells can be reduced by brushing your dog's or cat's little teeth with pet toothpaste. We all tend to forget the importance of brushing our pets’ teeth.  I have recently taken my two cats to the vet for their routine check-up and was shocked to find out that Bruce has got a lot of plaque on his teeth! How did this happen!  The vet went right in there and started chipping it off with her nail! I was quite impressed so I continued when I got home, (I wouldn’t recommend this, if you’re not quite sure what you’re doing!), however I couldn't get some of his plaque off and that's where the cat toothpaste comes in.  


Logic toothpaste for cats and dogs

I bought the Logic toothpaste which is suitable for both dogs and cats.  It is a multi-enzyme gel toothpaste that will aid in the breakdown of plaque, helps fight bad breath whilst keeping your pet's teeth clean and healthy.  We all know how important dental heath is and I'm sure that we all want to avoid any dental diseases.  Plaque contains millions of bacteria which can enter the bloodstream and spread around the body affecting the heart, kidneys and liver.  Keep your pet's teeth healthy with Logic toothpaste, it's an effective solution loved and used by many, with over 700 positive reviews.


How to apply cat toothpaste

If you would like to get straight into your cat’s teeth, then you should try using the toothbrush that comes with the product which is in the form of a finger brush.  It’s actually quite good, I have tried it and it works.  It’s very soft and gentle on your pet’s teeth and gums.  Just put some toothpaste on the brush and apply it directly on the teeth and gums.  Make sure you get the back ones, because that’s where most of the plaque sits.  If you can’t get your pet to open their mouth, I would suggest placing the toothbrush on their front teeth first and then slide it nicely to the side.  I found this method really helped.


If you have a stubborn cat, that will not allow you to touch their teeth, then what you could also do is put some gel on their front teeth or on their lips and let them do the rest.  Dogs and Cats will happily lick this gel and spread this around their mouth themselves. 


For cats, if you can’t get to their teeth, then all you need to do is put some gel on their paw and they will lick this off and spread this around in their mouth. 


This gel should be used daily for best results.  Any existing plaque that your pet has will be broken down by this amazing formula and it will also weaken the bacteria responsible for fishy and meaty breaths!


If you have any experience you’d like to share then please comment in the comment box below. 


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