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Best Beds for Older Dogs and Cats

March 17, 2017

Pet Nanny Care

When the search for the best pet bed starts, we tend to look for something that is comfortable, blends in with your home interior and a bed that looks really cute but practical at the same time.  


If you've got an older pet who suffers from arthritis or you can see that they are either in pain or they can't get up from their bed as quickly as they used to, then it's probably about time to splash some cash on a more comfortable pet bed for your little sweet heart. 


How about a memory foam bed for your older dog or cat?  

Your pet will fall asleep in this bed within seconds. The memory foam helps reduce joint pain and improves health and mobility. So if you have an older dog or cat and could do with a good night sleep then I would recommend this product.  This bed is also water resistant and tear resistant!  No wonder this pet bed got excellent ratings and reviews.  It comes in a few different sizes so it would be suitable for both small and large pets.  Washing this pet bed is easy and quick as it comes with a removable cover which you can just put in the washing machine.   


Pet Fusion Memory Foam Pet Bed

Do you like the sound of a luxurious Fleece Cradle Bed?

This pet bed description makes me want to jump in the bed myself! The fleece material will keep your pet warm and fuzzy inside when it's a little chilly (or freezing cold!).  When it gets warm, all you need to do is reverse the cushion and it has got faux suede on the other side which would be ideal for the hot summer months.  A great benefit this bed holds is that it consists of a bolster cushion which helps support your pet's head and neck. When it's time to put this bed in the wash, just unzip the bed cover and wash in the washing machine on a gentle 30 degree wash.  If you are searching for a pet bed that is of high quality yet still affordable, stylish, cosy and provides good support for your dog or cat then you should really consider this one!


Wolfybeds Luxury Fleece Cradle Bed

How can you say no to a premium orthopaedic memory foam pet bed?

This is the ultimate pet bed for older dogs and cats that you really can't say no to.  It's probably the most comfortable bed that your pet will ever sleep on. This bed moulds to your pet's body evenly, which helps reduce any unnecessary pressure on your pet joints and muscles.  If your pet is having trouble sleeping or tends to get up quite a lot during the night, then this bed will definitely improve your pet's sleeping routine as it offers excellent orthopaedic support providing therapeutic comfort for elderly dogs and cats with arthritis, muscle stiffness, hip dysplasia and other joint problems.  Your pet will not sink into the bed, like many other cheaper pet beds and is also waterproof and machine washable. 



Premium Orthopaedic Memory Foam Waterproof Dog/Cat Bed



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