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Best Fabric Cat Carrier

March 12, 2017

Pet Nanny Care

Taking your cat out of the house in a cat carrier can only mean two things: A visit to the vet or moving out! You might have another reason but let’s just stick with these two for now.  When that time comes you quickly realise that you don’t have a suitable cat carrier and the panic starts.  With so many to choose from, how do you pick the best cat carrier at a good price?


Petsfit cat carrier 

I’m going to recommend to you a really comfortable, easy to use, lightweight and made out of fabric cat carrier from Petsfit which could be used for both cats and small dogs.  I have had people asking me at the vet where I bought this pet carrier from and I can see why.  You know you have found the right carrier when your cat decides to snooze in it for the whole day!  


I was looking for a product that is:

  • Not too bulky

  • Comfortable for my cat

  • Easy to carry 

  • Lightweight

  • Good ventilation so my furry baby can breathe and see what’s going on!

  • and may I also add stylish?

This cat carrier is sturdy and comes flat packed so you don’t have to worry about finding a place for it as you can easily fold this away.  No more storage hassle or climbing those dreaded loft stairs!  The cat carrier comes with a reversible mat which has a warm fleece on one side and a cooling water polyester on the reverse. Both of my cats loved this carrier as they both wanted to just sit and sleep in it for the whole day.  I would recommend for you to introduce the carrier to your cats first, let them enjoy it before you take them out in it.  You could also add their own comfy cushion if they’ve got one along with their favourite toy. 



I bought the smaller size cat carrier and both of my cats sit very comfortably in it; not at the same time!  My male cat, Bruce, is quite large and heavy but he fits perfectly!  You can either use the handle that is already attached to the pet carrier or you can use a detachable over the shoulder strap that you attach to the pet carrier bag.  


It is such a practical product, hassle free, easy and quick to use and put away.  If your pet gets stressed in a traditional hard plastic carrier then you must try this fabric lightweight pet carrier instead.






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