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Best Cat Scratching Posts

March 6, 2017

Pet Nanny Care

Now we all know how much cats love to scratch against beautiful new sofas, brand new wardrobes, or moisturised skin! Cat scratching posts are the perfect solution for when your cat gets the urge to claw something!


Small Cat Scratching Posts

Here are my top three small cat scratching posts, perfect for when you don't want the scratching post to be the main attraction in your house.  You can very easily find a suitable place for these cat trees if you live in a flat or got a small place.


1. Cat scratching posts with hammock

That hammock looks so inviting!  This is a small and practical cat tree with good size and height scratching posts on either side.  I am pretty sure that after a good stretch your cat will be climbing into that soft hammock and dream the day away. 

 Cat scratching post available on Amazon 

2. Cat scratching post with two beds 

This elegant and practical cat tree has got plenty of scratching posts for your cat to dig their nails into! The flower shaped cat tree has got two comfy beds where your cat can relax and dream about squirrels all day. It is sturdy and won’t topple over and is suitable for small and large heavy cats.


Cat scratching post available on Amazon 

3. Small cat scratching post

Cats love to hide and sleep in the most random of places, this small cat tree looks like the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon siesta.  It is small, so you wouldn’t need to worry about where you’re going to put it and of course it comes with a scratching post so your cat can trim their nails after a long and peaceful sleep.

Small cat scratching post from Amazon

Large cat trees with scratching posts

Large cat trees are extremely popular with many cat owners. If you have the space in your home and have several cats in your household, then the following four large cat trees would be the purrfect treat! 



1. Large cat tree with scratching posts and beds

Now this one is a firm favourite amongst cat owners and their feline friends. It's got plenty of scratching posts to keep your cat busy and it also got stairs for your kitty to climb! That hammock again looks so comfortable and the material is extremely soft! Your cat will be rubbing against this cat tree all day long. If you have more than one cat then this tree would be very suitable. Plenty of space for your kitties to snuggle, sleep and play!


Large cat tree with scratching posts from Amazon


2. Multi level cat tree with scratching posts

If you are after a multi level cat tree, where your cat can literally get lost in, then I would suggest going for this one.  If you have more than one cat then this large cat tree with scratching posts, would be ideal as they can all have their own favourite bed. Plenty of little mice hanging as well which should keep your kitties busy! 

Multi level large cat tree with scratching posts from Amazon 

 3. Large cat tree with scratching posts and beds

This large cat tree includes a ladder that leads to a very cosy and comfortable cat cave! There's no doubt about it that your cat will absolutely love this cat tree.  With so many scratching posts your kitty will be spoilt for choice.  

Large cat tree with scratching posts and cat beds from Amazon

4. Large cat tree with scratching posts and cat beds

How can you not fall in love with this cat tree?  It has got two large posts one on each side where your cat can climb and perhaps chase another cat up the tree! It has got a much needed cat cave with the little stairs leading into it and of course the famous hammock which your cat will love and enjoy many sleeps in. 

Large cat tree with scratching posts and cat beds from Amazon



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