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Best Deshedding Tool for Cats and dogs

March 3, 2017

Pet Nanny Care

Pet hair tends to get everywhere and settles in the most random of places. Sometimes, when I look in the mirror, I find my cat’s hair either stuck to my face or my clothes (usually both). Cat hair travels with me everywhere and I’m forever rolling the sticky roller all over me.


Finding a good deshedding tool definitely helps reduce pet hair from getting everywhere.  You will also be helping your feline friend from forming nasty hairballs. So it is vital to groom your pets daily. If you have dogs, you know the pain of the amount of hair they shed as well! This deshedding tool is great for both cats and dogs, long and short haired. So if you have different kinds of animals in your home, you only need to buy one brush.  Bingo!


The best deshedding tool by Dakpets

Over the past few years, I have bought several kinds of grooming brushes and grooming gloves but was never fully satisfied.  I have finally discovered the most amazing thing since sliced bread.  And when I say amazing, it is truly amazing!  This product has got over 10,000 reviews on Amazon UK and US, it’s got a 5 star rating and everyone seems to just love this deshedding brush, me included!



This ball of fluff was kindly donated by my two cats: Honey and Bruce. The cats really enjoyed their grooming session, even though they wanted to run away at first! Sometimes you need to force these things, as they both loved it really; they ended up showing me their tummies and they couldn’t get enough of the grooming!  Cats are funny like that!  The second time round I approached them, they gladly accepted my service from the word go.



This is by far the best deshedding brush that I have ever tried, as it picks up more hair than any traditional grooming tools.  It is guaranteed that shedding will reduce by up to 95% without damaging the top coat and without causing any irritation.  That is a hell of a lot of hair.


It’s strangely addictive, once you start you just can’t stop! The cats were loving their little massage and I couldn’t stop brushing them.  Don’t worry, the cats are still full of hair and they’re not going to bald any time soon.  But I guess, we all worry that if we brush them too much they’ll end up with no hair! Well, that’s not how it works.  Brushing pets help keep their hair clean and shiny – you’re basically getting rid of any hair that is ready to come off. So instead of having this hair all over your house or in your kitty’s little stomach, it’s best that you brush it off for them using a deshedding brush. Plus it's also a good way to bond with your furry babies.


I had to quickly vacuum after the grooming session because there was quite a lot of hair floating around. My cats also decided to play with their own hair balls and I nearly had a mini heart attack when I saw Bruce licking one of them!  My suggestion to you would be to pick a suitable place to do it and enjoy it!  I think after your first grooming session you’ll quickly realise that you have just found yourself a new hobby and most importantly you’re impressively good at it. 


I bought the deshedding tool from Amazon at a great price and with Amazon Prime you can also get it next day delivery – you really can’t go wrong.


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