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Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

February 23, 2017

When you think of pet hair, you think of a never endless task of vacuuming unwanted hair.  I swear I can create another cat from the hair I collect every week. You’d think I never clean! I’m always amazed and feel the need to show the hair collection to my other half – A disgusted face from my partner makes me feel quite proud of the amount of hair I always manage to suck through the vacuum.  Ha!


So you’re probably desperate to find out how you can get rid of pet hair FAST and effortlessly.  I tried a couple of vacuums in the past and stuck with them for a good few years.  Buying the best vacuum cleaner has never been on my priority list.  It never occurred to me how much joy and satisfaction a good vacuum cleaner can bring to your life! Honestly.


The best vacuum for pet hair you could ever buy

My weekly workout was vacuuming. The amount of energy I had to put into this activity was ridiculous, not to mention the amount of time I spent doing this boring task every week.  Enough is enough, I decided to splash some money on the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair that I could find: The DYSON V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. I’m not going to lie, it’s not the cheapest BUT I promise, your vacuuming sessions will change forever...!


My experience using the Dyson V6

I never got this excited over a vacuum cleaner, I couldn't wait to use this thing! When I first opened the box, there were quite a lot of attachments, so I decided to pick the most recognisable part.  The parts are really easy to attach - so off I went to my main bedroom, where my cats love to leave all their lovely hair on my carpet.  


First of all, having a cordless vacuum cleaner, makes the whole experience a lot better. You don't need to 'prepare' yourself to clean the carpet. You just pick it up, press the button and go.  So that's what I did!  The suction of this vacuum cleaner is crazy! At one point, I thought the floor boards underneath my carpet were going to crack open and get sucked in as well (in a good way). 


I was really enjoying my experience and wanted to get into every little corner and detail of my carpet.  After a few minutes, I felt satisfied with my work and decided to vacuum the floorboards.  Being very new to the Dyson Cordless, I continued to vacuum on the highest power, which is not needed on floor boards.  So half way through my work, my brand new Dyson decided to stop for a break! So I had to plug it in and recharge it.

A blue light comes on when it's on charge and when it's done doing its thing, the light will just go off and you're ready to use it again.  I was already thinking in my head about the review I was going to write.  Amazing suction but poor battery! 


The second time I used the Dyson Cordless vacuum cleaner for pet hair, (fully charged and ready to go) I managed to deep vacuum my two double bedrooms with fitted carpets in, using the highest suction possible, I also vacuumed my wooden floors in the living room, kitchen, bathroom and hallway on a lower power.  I also cleaned the cushions that my cats like to sit on.  Amazing! Job done in no time and loved every second of it - seriously! 


So, my point is, the first time you use it, you're going to love it so much that you'll probably going to use up all of its power in one go - like what I did.  Also, a good point to mention... charge it as soon as you get it out of the box, it might not be fully charged! The second time round, I was determined to get the whole place done. 


Make sure you keep your Dyson vacuum cleaner for pet hair squeeky clean by emptying its contents every time you use it.  All you need to do is press a button - Easy peasy!


You can use your Dyson V6 on wooden floors, fabric, ceiling, stairs and car seats.  It is also wall mountable and comes with wall fixings.  You can store it away neatly, with no cords in the way. I really can't stand the sight of bulky vacuum cleaners now, they take up so much room!




If you don't want any more pet hair in your house, I would thoroughly recommend the DYSON V6 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. You won't be disappointed.  Many pet owners are raving about this product, with excellent rating and reviews, you really can't go wrong. Enjoy your much more improved vacuuming sessions! 








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