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Why Hire a Pet Sitter and What Attributes You Should Look Out For?

October 23, 2016

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Everyone needs to go away at some point, leaving your pets at home.  The question is, who will be looking after your pets?  In one of my recent interviews I covered what attributes you should look out for when hiring a pet sitter and why you should hire one.  Doing your research properly is really important, after all you're leaving your pets and your home in the hands of someone else ... so you want to make sure you get it right! 


Why hire a pet sitter?


There are many benefits as to why a pet owner should hire a pet sitter instead of asking your neighbour or your friend to pop in. Getting someone to just pop in to feed your pets is not advisable because not enough time is usually spent with your pets to encourage play, mental stimulation and human interaction. A pet sitter’s goal is to ensure your cat is calm, content, mentally stimulated and active whilst their pet owner is away from home. It is their duty to ensure that your pets are being cared for properly. Having more than one pet can also mean that one may get more attention than the other. A reliable pet sitter should ensure that all pets get the attention required during the visits.



How to find the perfect pet sitter for you and your pets. 


Getting the right pet sitter is extremely important. There are many pet sitters across the UK so every pet owner should do their research properly before trusting a pet sitter with your beloved pets. I have learnt from my mistakes from hiring a pet sitter that did not meet the standards I was after and I am now glad to share these with you so you don’t have to go through any unpleasant experiences.


- Researching pet sitters within your area that are insured. An insured pet sitter means that they are serious about what they do and what they are offering. Trusting your cats and your home to a stranger whilst you’re away is already a big deal, so spending a little extra to ensure your pets are being cared for properly and that your house remains in order is extremely worthwhile.


- Check out their website, customer reviews, their social media pages if they have any and get in touch with one or two of their customers. Get their feedback so you can make a more informed decision.


- Check how much time they usually spend with your pets and what does the visit comprise of.


- Arrange a suitable time to meet with the pet sitter in your own home. Make sure your pets are around! An initial meeting allows you to express how you’d like your pets to be cared for and it’s also a good way to see how the pet sitter interacts with your pets. Every pet is different and special in their own way.


- Hiring a pet sitter who understands animal behaviour is also important. Pet sitting shouldn’t be taken lightly as there is a lot of responsibility involved. Knowing how to handle certain situations and acting on good judgement and knowledge are important attributes that you should look out for.


- And lastly, hire someone who will truly enjoy interacting and playing with your pets. See how they interact with your pets on the initial visit, check their social media sites, customer reviews and any pet visit pictures they might have on their sites.


And here is a picture of myself during one of my pet sitting visits! I like to bond with the animals by talking and playing with them & making them feel calm, secure and happy.  







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