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The Power of Catnip

August 4, 2016

Pet Nanny Care

Not all cats react to catnip but some cats go crazy for it!  But what's so special about this plant?  This plant comes from the mint family and it contains an oil called nepetalactone.  This oil stimulates your cat's senses and gives a sense of euphoria to your feline friend.  Isn't that lovely!


Not all cats get the same reaction, kittens and older cats are less likely to react to this plant.  You can get catnip sprays or catnip toys.  


As soon as they smell it, cats will rub and roll over the toy, lick/chew it, stretch, play and go crazy for several minutes. They might also start running around getting all excited! The catnip effect can last for several minutes and will then start to wear off.  You can introduce catnip again after a few hours or so.

With so many catnip products on the market, it's hard to know which one to choose!  Here are some products with good and consistent customer reviews. May your cat enjoy many happy moments with these catnip products!  Let us know your experiences below.










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