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The Fifth Paw - No more holding poo bags during dog walks!

July 21, 2016

As a dog walker, I tend to walk more than one dog at once and carrying lots of poo bags whilst walking the dogs can only mean two things - enduring the smell and poop bags getting tangled around the leash (until I find the next poo bin!). So, I was really excited to try out this new dog product - The Fifth Paw.


It's main purpose is to free up your hands, be more control of the leash and no more juggling bags of poop! Woohoo!

The product may look a little complicated at first, but trust me it is really easy to use! Just check out the pictures below and after a couple of tries you should be able to start using it like a pro! 

The product comes in three parts, the first part will need to be attached to the leash, the middle part is a rotator where you can attach up to four bags of poop, hopefully you don't need to attach that many! And the last part is what locks the rotator to the main part. 

Take the main part, as pictured below.  Depending on the thickness of the leash, choose the size of gap that would best fit your leash.













Slot the leash through the gap.

 And secure into place as pictured below,  

Slot the rotator first and then the white locking part and lock into place.


 Tadaa! And it's easy as that!  So how did I find the product during my walks?


I found that the product works best on short leashes rathen than long, it can hold any type of bag so you don't need to buy special ones. You can also attach treat bags/keys to the Fifth Paw which I found quite handy! 


If you like to try it yourself, the product can be purchased from Amazon and (A US based website but will deliver to the UK)


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