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Let's END Dog Meat Trade! Sign the Petition today

July 2, 2016

Pet Nanny Care

Beautiful, loving dogs with no voice.  They cry for help, but no one can hear them.  25 million dogs are eaten each year. Together we can end this act of cruelty!  

 At 100,000 signatures, the petition will be considered for debate in Parliament - please sign today


Many people have investigated the dog meat trade and found that many of these dogs are actually pets that have been stolen.  Dogs are forced and crammed into tiny cages, they remain in cages for a long period of time in the heat which will cause many of them to die.  Any dogs that make it to the final stage are then boiled or burnt alive, clubbed and beaten to death in the belief that the increased adrenalin circulating in the dog's body adds more flavour to the meat.  The dog meat trade industry is reckoned to be worth around 20 million a year. 


The dog meat trade needs to stop, together we can make this happen. 





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