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Cats Meow Toy Review - Automatic Cat Toy

June 26, 2016


Have you ever had your cat attacking your toes when you're all snuggled up under a cosy throw over?  Well, mine certainly do.  Every slight movement I make with my toes, my kitties are ready to pounce and attack. They usually do the bunny kick as well, because at that point I'm quite involved in the game!  Now this is great if you're at home and want to bond with your cats, but what about when you're not at home or you're just too busy doing other important things? 


Cats are inquisitive and playful creatures, they love to hunt and creep up on their prey! It's extremely important to keep your cats busy and stimulated by providing them with suitable toys, especially if they're indoor cats. 


Now we all know how much cats love to sleep, but do keep in mind that sometimes pets sleep due to boredom, so it's important to keep your kitties mentally happy and stimulated. 


Automatic Cat Toy

I would like to introduce you to Cats Meow.  It is a toy specially designed for cats (hence the name) which you can switch on and leave with your cats to enjoy.  The product stays on for about 30 minutes or so and then switches off automatically, so it is ideal to use for when you're about to step out of the house! 


Cats Meow comes with a 'hidden' wand that sits nicely under the top cover.  When switched on, the wand​​ moves around under the cover, making it look like there's something alive moving underneath the yellow cover!  The product comes with four different settings: slow, medium, fast and random.  


The product may sound a little loud at first but your cats will soon get used to it as curiosity takes over and they start to wonder what's under that yellow cover! 






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