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VIDEO: How to trim your cat's nails at home

June 19, 2016

Pet Nanny Care

Is your cat scratching your furniture, sofa and other items in your home?  It's time to buy a good scratching post and get those claws trimmed! 


It's a good idea to check their nails on a regular basis especially when you start noticing that they are starting to get stuck in things such as your house carpet, blankets or your favourite jumper! In this video, I show you how to position yourself and your cat so that you are able to trim their claws safely.  Make sure that you do not touch anywhere near the pink bits in their nails (this is called the quick.) Trim any pointed and sharp nails safely and if you come across thick nails, these can either be skipped or trimmed lightly.


If you're looking to start trimming your cat's nails, then you need to invest in a good nail clipper.  There are several nail trimmers on the market, I've listed some of the best clippers you can buy.  They've all got plenty of positive reviews, they are also very easy to use and are suitable for both cats and dogs. 




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