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What happens if you cut your cat's whiskers?

April 24, 2016

Pet Nanny Care

Cat whiskers should never be cut or trimmed as they are highly sensitive receptors connected to the nervous system and help your cat manoeuvre around objects.  Without whiskers your cat becomes very disoriented and frightened and will be unable to protect themselves; they will also loose the ability to detect air currents and sudden movements around them.


Cats have three different types of whiskers:

- The muzzle whiskers

- The eyebrow whiskers

- The carpal whiskers


The muzzle whiskers are found on each side of the cat's face and are about the same width as their body (as long as the cat is not overweight). This enables them to gauge whether an opening is wide enough for them to fit through. If you ever see your cat with flattened muzzle whiskers against its face this means that the cat is either frightened or ready for a battle!


If you have an outdoor cat, the eyebrow whiskers will help protect your cat from any branches getting into their eyes, whilst the carpal whiskers are located on the underside of the cat's front wrists.  These whiskers come in handy for when your cat is hunting and catching prey. Cats have difficulty focusing on close range objects, the carpal whiskers help your cat detect movement of prey and the position of the prey for a more precise killing bite!


How long do cats whiskers take to grow back?


Whiskers take three months before they grow back again, they are precious and vital to your cat's activities and they should never be cut or trimmed.


How long are cats whiskers?

Whiskers are generally as long as your cat's body width. 




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