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Dog Exercise Needs by Breed

February 21, 2016

Pet Nanny Care

Is your dog getting enough exercise?


The amount of exercise required depends on the following factors:

  • Dog breed

  • Age

  • Health

Exercise is one of the most important factors to help keep your dog physically fit and mentally stimulated.  A lack of exercise can carry many negative factors, including obesity, lack of stamina, difficulty breathing and a number of other serious health related issues. 


There are several dog behaviour issues that you need to watch out for if you think your dog is not getting enough exercise.  Your dog can show their frustration or boredom by destroying things in your home, hyperactivity, tail chasing, excessive barking and digging.


Most dogs require at least an hour a day of exercise. By exercise we mean either taking your dog out for a walk or a run and not just letting your dog out in your garden. 


Here’s a list of common dog breeds in the UK and their exercise requirement level which is scored between 1 - 5.  1 being low and 5 being high. 


Difference between High and Low Energy dogs

High-energy dogs need a considerably amount of exercise and are likely to spend their time jumping, investigating and playing.  They are always ready for action!


When certain dog breeds are considered as Low Energy dogs, that doesn’t mean that they do not need exercise.  It simply means that they have a lower demand for exercise and are satisfied with less exercise.  Every dog breed enjoys a nice daily walk!


Breed                        Exercise Requirements: 1 = low & 5 = High


Labrador Retriever                         5

English Cocker Spaniel                  4

English Springer Spaniel               5

German Shepherd                          4

Staffordshire Bull Terrier              4

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel       4

Golden Retriever                             5

West Highland White Terrier         4

Boxer                                                5

Border Terrier                                 4

Pug                                                   3

French Bulldog                               2

Bulldog                                            2

Miniature Schnauzer                     4

Shih Tzu                                          2

Lhasa Apso                                     2

Chihuahua                                       2

Whippet                                           4

Dachshund                                      3

Beagle                                             4

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