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What do dogs see? Life through the eyes of a dog…

May 4, 2016

Pet Nanny Care

Dogs do not recognise our facial features or how we look, it’s more about how we move and our typical movements.  They recognise owners through their sense of smell.  An interesting fact is that dogs are the only non-primate animal to look humans in the eyes!


Dogs see differently to us.  A dog’s vision is mostly yellows, blues and violet.  Items that are red, green or orange will appear in shades of yellow, blue and grey colours. 


Choosing the right toy colours for your dog is important - If you toss a red ball on a lawn, your dog will find it difficult to see it because both the ball and the grass will appear grey! 



Are dogs colour-blind?

No, dogs are not colour-blind, they simply see colour less strongly than humans do!


Not all dogs see the same, different breads have different vision.  Dogs with long noses spot movement very well and they usually love to fetch a ball because they can see from side to side.  Dogs with a short nose will most likely want to sit on your lap than go and chase a ball because their vision is different to long nosed dogs and can’t see from side to side.


Dogs have a much wider visual field of 250degrees! The human visual field is 190 degrees.  They are also considered to have a blurred vision because what humans can see at 80ft away, dogs can see clearly within 20ft.


What about night time?

Dogs see a lot better than humans do at night and their motion detection is also far better than ours this is because they have more light receptors than humans and they also have a larger pupil which lets more light enter the eye.


How can I care for my dog’s eyesight?

Vision problems occur in dogs due to many conditions such as diabetes, cataracts, untreated eye infections or as part of the ageing process.


Always check for any crust, discharge, or tearing, and making sure that there’s white around the eyeball.  Also watch out for unequal pupil sizes, cloudiness, change in eye colour, closed eyes, a visible third eyelid or rubbing of the eyes.  Make sure that the inner lining of the eyelid is pink (not white or red).  If any of these signs occur, take your dog to a vet.


How can I protect their eyes?

Dogs just love to stick their head out of a car window! It’s probably best to close that window as wind can really dry their eyes and debris can cause serious eye problems.



Does your dog have a fringe? Keep this short as long hair can poke your dog’s eyes.  Make sure to use appropriate scissors (round tip scissors).


Clean your dog’s eyes by using a damp cotton ball and wiping outward from the corner of their eyes, be careful not to scratch their eyes. Use dog eye wash if you see redness, which is common during dry winters.



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