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Neutering - Why should you neuter your cat?

February 27, 2016

Pet Nanny Care

Neutering has many health benefits and positive behavioural changes and it’s never too late to neuter your cat.  It is a painless and quick process and it benefits both female and male felines.



And here's why you should go ahead with the procedure:


- Neutered female cats are less likely to develop mammary tumours (breast cancers), life threatening womb infections, infections of the reproductive tract and other illnesses.


- Female cats go into heat (reach puberty) when they are six months old.  There are many behaviour changes associated with this and your cat may become very frustrated and anxious if not allowed to go out of the house to mate. 


- Females become vocal and they will howl for hours, become very demanding and may attempt to escape the house which puts them in danger and risk of getting run over, getting into fights with other cats or contracting diseases from bites or reproductive activity. 


- Males on the other hand will spray on furniture and other objects around the house to mark their territory.  Neutering will stop your male cat spraying (which can be quite an unpleasant smell) and their urine will smell less powerful. 


- Neutered Males will be less inclined to fight, are calmer and less aggressive. 


- Neutering also helps eliminate testicular cancer and reduces the chances for prostate cancer.




Cats can go through this minor procedure from four months of age and they are usually back to their normal selves in a matter of days.  Older cats can still go through the procedure but may take a bit longer to adjust.


Most people get their cats neutered because they can’t deal with the constant howling and spraying around the house and the whole situation can become quite stressful!  Neutering will help put a stop to these behavioural changes.  

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