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My cat stopped using the litter box

February 15, 2016

Pet Nanny Care

Cats can be quite particular, they can also be very fussy and it's no fun when your cat decides to stop using the litter box.


The following tips and suggestions may help you and your cat go back to your original routine.  Be patient and give your pet some time to adjust to your new techniques.  A bit of persistence and perseverance will go a long way!



Rule 1: If you have 2 cats you should have 2 litters.  If you have more than 2 cats, you should have a litter for each cat.  Cats do not like sharing litters and having another litter will only encourage your cat to use the new one. 


Rule 2:  Make sure the litter tray is cleaned regularly.  Clean your litters frequently with water & soap and put enough litter in your litter tray.  If your cat is a fussy one, removing the litter is not usually enough.  Make sure you thoroughly clean the litter box properly. 


Rule 3: Remember cats are fussy!

- Closed litters-Some cats do not like closed litters, introduce an open, plastic and easy to clean litter box.  

- Make sure the litter tray is big enough for your cat.  

- Do you use litter lines?  Your cat might not like the sound or feel of this.  




Rule 4: Is your cat stressed, anxious?

Have you moved house? Introduced a new pet or having more visitors than usual?  Your cat might be a little stressed! Feliway plug in is a great product that you can use to help calm your pet.  A trusted product used by many with brilliant reviews. 


 Other tips:


- Check for discomforts.  Is your cat walking/jumping properly?  If not, your cat might be in pain and might not want to climb inside the litter.


- Remove any mats that have been previously used by your cat as their litter tray (remove these temporarily until your cat starts using the new additional litter) 


- If there's a particular spot that your cat likes to use as its litter, try and obstruct or cover this area with a heavy object. 


- Thoroughly clean affected areas with soap and water. 


- Use lemon scented products to clean areas where your cat shouldn't be using.  Cats dislike the scent! 


** Last but not least, don't forget to give your cat a treat and make plenty of fuss when your cat starts using the litter tray again! **

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