Owner and founder of Pet Nanny Care.

Name of Pet Sitter / Cat Sitter: Yanika

Areas Covered: Poole and Bournemouth

Home Postcode: BH12 3NQ

Insured Pet Sitter? Yes

A Note from the Pet & Cat Sitter

My aim is to provide you with the best and most reliable service whilst you're away from your pets.  I understand your worries and the kind of service you're after and I will care for your pets as if they were my own.  

Catteries can be a very stressful experience for your cats as they have to deal with new surroundings, new sounds and other animals.  My pet sitting service is provided in your own home where I'll be able to give your pets attention, care and lots of fuss.  

I will always keep in touch with you whilst you're away, keeping you updated by sending you texts, e-mails, photos for peace of mind. 

Here's what to expect during a cat sitting visit

✓ Ensure plenty of fuss on each visit

✓ Brush / play / talk to your cat - Whatever makes your kitty happy!

✓ Prepare food and wash bowls

✓ Replace water on each visit

✓ Check litter tray and make sure it's clean

✓ Replace litter when needed

✓ Make sure litter and food areas are clean

✓ Make sure the house remains in order and how you left it

✓ Leave any post in the kitchen for you

✓ Send you pictures and text updates

✓ Switch on / off lights as requested

✓ Each visit lasts between 20 - 25 mins


If you have an outdoor cat, I will always try and find your kitty by calling his/her name, shaking treats or food.  If your kitty doesn't turn up, I will:


✓ Continue to perform all the duties above

✓ Spend less time at your home

✓ Let you know that we haven't seen your cat during our visit.

Pet Sitting Prices

✓ The prices listed above cover 2 cats. 
✓ If you have more than two cats, an additional charge of £1.00 is applicable per additional cat (or additional small pets)
 Double rate is charged on: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, NYE, New Year's Day and all bank holidays
✓ Keys are typically collected during the initial free meeting
✓ If keys are not available to pick up on this day, these can be dropped off at the pet sitter's home
✓ Key collection charge is applicable if you would like us to come and collect the key from your home. (Same as a one visit charge)
Prices are subject to change

Here's what to expect during a pet sitting visit

(small animals such as guineas)

✓ Check your pets are well 

✓ Top up their food / provide veg

✓ Remove any uneaten veg

✓ Check water dispenser bottles

✓ Provide hay

✓ Empty / replace  litter trays when needed

✓ Collect post and leave these in the kitchen

✓ Make sure cage floor area is tidy 

✓ Send you text updates

✓ Switch on / off lights as requested

✓ Time typically spent: 15 - 20 mins (depending on how many pets you have)


✓ You leave enough food, veg, hay and litter

✓ The cage is nice and clean before you handover to a pet sitter.  

✓ the pet sitter have easy access to the right tools and products to keep the cage in good order - please leave notes if necessary.


✓ The pet sitter will not perform a full cage clear out

✓ A picture of the cage will be taken on the last visit and for our records, to ensure it is left in good order before you come home.




Pet Nanny Care gets booked up early by recurring customers.  If you're a new customer, please submit your booking request as soon as possible.  We do accept last minute bookings but this of course depends on availability.

Office hours 9 - 5pm Monday to Friday.  

If your booking request is urgent, please type 'URGENT'' in the subject line.

We aim to respond back on the same day.  If you email on a weekend, we will respond back on the next working day, unless the enquiry is urgent.